Monday, January 01, 2007


Two years ago when we went to visit D's sister and family in VA we drove up in one day. One long exhausting day. And then home in 2 days - much nicer. So this year we planned on a 2 day drive. We made it into VA the first day, stopping in Lynchburg. Then the next morning we headed over to Monticello. I had been there in 7th grade on a class trip, but D and the kids had never been.

It was interesting. Or at least, D and I thought it was interesting. The kids thought bits and pieces were interesting, but not nearly as much as we did. M did like Jefferson's library - they actually have some of the exact books that Jefferson owned, plus many other period books of the same titles as Jefferson. They know this because Jefferson kept an inventory of all his books. I would have loved to get a picture of the library, but no photography allowed in the house.

The conservatory was also very cool. They had lemons growing in there that were as big as oranges. Wow.

M knew the answers to several questions the guide asked, like who died on the same day as Jefferson (answer John Adams). The guide was impressed - me too. I'd heard it, but couldn't come up with it as quickly as M.

We liked the way the beds were in alcoves in the wall - they looked short, but we were assured that they were 6'3" long. You could close them off with curtains for privacy or warmth. Sounds cozy - but not so great if you're stuck back against the wall.

M and D in front of Monticello.

D with the wreath beside the front door. We both liked the wreathes.


Anonymous Tomma/Mama said...

I didn't see any pictures of Andrew or you at Monticello--or of you at all. You'll have to teach Michael more about taking photos. xx Mama

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