Monday, January 01, 2007

Polar Bear Plunge

Happy New Year! Our neighborhood Association has decided that they want to have more activities, and one of the things that they decided to do was a polar bear swim. I guess that New Year's Day is the traditional day for it. D and M had said that they would do it. At the last minute M didn't want to, but D wouldn't let him back down. So, down to the pool we went.

Here are all the brave souls waiting to jump in.

Notice we have one guy wearing a Santa hat and Santa shorts (over his swimsuit). And there's another guy wearing long underwear under his swim suit (seems like it would just make your legs colder to have wet fabric against them - but he said it helped).

M and D after they've swum across the pool.

3 members of the Association Board.

D said that he didn't want to know how cold the water was or feel it before going in. In fact, we still don't know how cold the water was - they couldn't find the pool thermometer. They all said it was very cold. It was, however, the best day weatherwise that we were likely to get - it was in the 60's. D said that once he dried off, it really wasn't that bad. The hot chocolate and coffee inside the clubhouse were appreciated by all, however.


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