Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back home

safe and sound. We got in early afternoon. The kids had wanted to try to make the drive in one day, "so that we can see the cats". But we vetoed that - it was dark and raining and I was tired. Plus we'd have gotten in so late that the kids would have been asleep and not seen the cats until today anyway.

The drive home was mostly uneventful - foggy both morning, actually all day today. We debated going to one of the farmer's markets on the way home. Then we hit a bit of traffic about an hour and a half from home and tuned in the traffic station - they said there were 2 big accidents - one right near the International Farmers Market and one on the final stretch of interstate going home. Well, that decided it. No going to the International Market, and yes going to the other market - we'd give the traffic some time to clear away. We got some nice cheeses and fruit. And the traffic had cleared nicely by the time we went through.

It is good to be home. We had a wonderful time on the trip - I've got various pictures to post over the next couple of days - but its nice to be in our own place and to see the cats. They were certainly glad to see us!


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