Friday, May 11, 2007

It feels like Saturday

Today has felt like Saturday all day.

We have a 3 day weekend this week, due to no snow this summer. The kids are majorly bummed that its been several years since we've had a decent snow. But, we were all happy to have our free snow day today, or as they put it our no-snow day.

M went to a sleepover birthday party last night. Didn't get up until almost 10 am, when the host mom woke them up. That is unheard of for M. He's usually a very early riser - before 7 am, even when he's stayed up late, even after 2 months of summer.

While M l was at his sleepover, D and I took A out to dinner at a Mexican place. It was pretty good. We went there specifically because M doesn't like Mexican food. A had a burrito and was surprised to find it had sauce on it. He liked it, but he was expecting to be able to pick it up and eat it with his hands.

We wanted to go to the pool today, but there's no water in the pool. Well, there's about a foot of water in the deep end. Ack. It's hot here. Maybe not hot enough for ME to go all the way into the pool, but I would certainly stand on the steps while the kids went in. D didn't know they were going to drain the pool and he's on the neighborhood board. I hope they get it filled back up soon. Swim team practice should be starting soon. There was a hint that it might start earlier this year, but I guess not, as Monday would be a week earlier than usual. I hope they can at least start on time.

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