Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting ready for Turkey Day

I spent the afternoon doing my part of the baking for Turkey Day. 2 pies for tomorrow's dinner and a bonus loaf of cranberry nut bread for us.

The pie in back is pumpkin. I know it looks strange and mottled on one side - that's because it has crystallized ginger on top on that side. I saw a recipe that called for the ginger on top and decided that as much as most of us like ginger, I'd have to try it. But because M is not a big ginger fan, I only put it on half the pie. It called for making the pie as usual and then 30 minutes into baking, putting the chopped ginger on top. We'll find out tomorrow whether/how much it improves the pie.

The other pie is a cranberry apple ginger pie. Yep, there's that crystallized ginger again. I said we really love ginger! The recipe calls for approximately half a bag of cranberries. I know the bag says you can store the berries for about a month in the fridge, but I've never had them store well for that long. So, while the pies were baking I used the other half bag of berries to make the cranberry nut bread - the recipe is on the bag of cranberries. It was almost exactly the right amount. Yum. We've already sampled the bread tonight.

Tomorrow I still have to make the cranberry sauce. Sometimes I put crystallized ginger in it too, but I'm thinking I won't this year. I have made it both with and without some years too, but that has mostly been when we've had more people for dinner. I like the ginger in the sauce with dinner, but it seems a little odd when you're having the turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwich for lunch later. D will be making his special stuffing (with more extras in it than stuffing mix) tomorrow too.



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