Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day Update

Thanksgiving went quite nicely. We ended up with 7 adults and 2 kids - a nice tablefull of people. Plenty of food (and plenty of leftovers too - yum). I promised I'd report back on the ginger on the pumpkin pie. It was OK, but not really anything special. I really like crystallized ginger, but somehow it didn't seem to do much for the pie (and M, as predicted, didn't want anything to do with it), so I don't think I'll bother with it again. I'll just much on the ginger plain!

We all had some form of leftovers for lunch today. M just the turkey. A had a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich. I had turkey/cranberry sauce/stuffing sandwich. D had turkey and mashed pototoes (leftovers, but not from Thanksgiving) with gravy. And then we had full Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. We've finished off the green beans now and that's fine. It's not quite so fine that we've almost finished off the turkey. I think we'll get one more day of sandwiches, but that's probably it. Now to figure out what we're going to eat all the stuffing with...

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