Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Card photo shoot

I took the kids over to my mom's the other night to try to get photos for our Christmas card. Why her house? Well, her tree is up and decorated, but ours is not even purchased yet. We had thought to go on Saturday, but it started raining. Nope, standing in the rain, trying to find a tree just didn't sound like so much fun. So, we'll go tonight.

Here are some interesting shots that won't be included with the card this year...

M tired of all the photo shoot (or just not looking forward to it)

Being silly:
And more silliness:
Finally Zen-like acceptance that pictures will be taken...
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Blogger Carol P. said...

Thanks for posting these -- they're great!

I'm glad it's not just my 3 who weird out when we try to get the annual picture...

11:18 AM  

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