Saturday, December 01, 2007

Is the Battle Won?

This is how my pantry has looked for the last, oh, 6-8 weeks. Bare, barren, empty...

I've been catching pantry moths regularly until we finally stripped off the shelf paper and found (we hope) the last cocoons. Knock on wood! I counted dead moths in my trap and recorded it on the trap. No new moths in the last 2 weeks at least. So finally it was time for Operation Paint the Pantry.

Yes, the pantry is whiter now. It used to be a pale yellow, now it is white.

Next up was replacing the shelf paper. I ran to Lowe's while the kids were at swim practice on Thursday and picked up some innocuous wallpaper from their clearance rack. My mom came over Friday morning with all her wallpapering tools and knowledge (thanks Mama!) and we set to work. Here she is trimming a bit of excess paper.

The pantry is looking good. 3 shelves down and only 2 to go! The first one took almost an hour (but that included setting up our work area). By shelf 3, we were down to about 15 minutes per shelf. Then disaster struck - not enough paper! We measured this way and that way and even with trying to piece the wallpaper together and not papering the bottom of the shelves at all, there was just NOT. ENOUGH. PAPER! ARRRRGGGHHH

We finally decided to do the 4th shelf and I'd go back to Lowe's and see if I could find some more of the paper. Here's how we left the pantry.

I had to fill Chi*ck-fil-A calendar orders (anybody want a cow calendar for Christmas? just let me know) at the school and turn in my money, which took longer than expected - so, it was after school before I made it up to Lowe's, with A in tow. We got there, and of course, no more of my paper. Ugg. They said I could go to another town and get it - at full price, of course. Hmmm. Let's see what else might work. I found another roll that looked fairly close, only without the green streaks, in the clearance bin. Unmarked, of course. I asked the helpful L*owe's person who said she'd mark it down for me. Thanks! We got the paper and headed home (well, except for the hour-long detour to Tar*get that A wanted so he could "look for Christmas presents" (when he really spent most of the time eyeing/checking out DS games)). Friday morning we finished up the pantry. When I showed it to D, he didn't notice the different papers, so that's good.

Today I got a chance to put some of the food back into the pantry.

Yep, its all still in plastic bins for now! Not taking any chances yet. I'll put up a brand new moth trap and if I don't catch anything in it for a few weeks, I might finally breathe easy.



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