Friday, November 30, 2007

Chasing the Bus

Yes, this morning I got a chance to prove that I can chase down the school bus! I'd guessed it would work when several times I left 5 minutes or so after M left and had to wait behind the bus. This morning, M was on the computer (as usual) and ready to go, but I got distracted by entering a bunch of data into a spreadsheet and all of a sudden, it was past time for M to go. Not helped by the fact that he wouldn't be missed at the bus stop this morning as D usually takes him early on Friday for math team. No math team this morning though. Anyway, I suspected he might miss the bus, so when he came back we both hustled down to the car and managed to catch the bus on the other side of the neighborhood. Good thing as I really didn't want to have to drive him all the way to school - its a lot farther to middle school than elementary. I wouldn't bother trying to catch the bus with A - if he misses it and I don't want to drive him, I can usually get him a ride with our neighbor.



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