Thursday, December 06, 2007

Computer woes

The bad news of technology has struck again. It seems that the hard drive on the Mac has died. Grrr. It is a big pain. Especially since the Mac is a mini and not meant to be user serviceable. A hard drive is cheaper to fix than a motherboard or power supply, but the data may not be recoverable. And its a very busy time of year, so D hasn't had much time to look at it. We have to figure out if the computer shop in the next town will work on Mac's. I hope so and that they can recover some data. Luckily I've been saving the pictures mostly on both computers (and back them up every 6 months or so. I know I should back up more often. It's on the list for later today.)

The other problem with one computer being down is instant fights between the kids. Finally I sent them both to their rooms. It is peaceful and quiet. Amazing. I'm sure no homework is getting done (A says he is finished (except for practicing his cursive, he is), but M hasn't started).

Life is going to be interesting around here for a bit.



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