Friday, December 21, 2007

It's getting closer

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and we're getting ready, though maybe not fast enough... The tree is up (although it leans a bit - at least its leaning towards the window and not into the room). We got the lights on tonight, but I think the ornaments will have to wait until tomorrow. It looks like Grandma and Grampa may get to help us decorate (or at least watch us decorate) the tree. Their room is ready (and the bathroom too) and the rest of the downstairs is at least passably clean. You can walk through it without having to worry about tripping over toys. Big improvement! It's cleanliness tends to slip as the kids play and then neglect to clean up before getting out new stuff.

I took a load of stuff to Goodwill this morning and then this afternoon I was already finding more stuff that was supposed to go. Oh well, its the start of another pile...

The Christmas cards should finally be going out tomorrow. At least some of them would have gone out today, except that we ran out of ink last night. The printer has been telling us that its low on ink for months now and has kept printing merrily away. But now, it evidently really was out. So, I got new ink (though it doesn't like the color ink I got. Ungrateful printer!). I still have to assemble the rest of the cards. They may not get there before Christmas, but at least I will have mailed them before Christmas! Another fun find - when I picked up the pictures, it seems they managed to cut off most of one of the cats in the photo. Oops. I managed to cut off part of the cat with A in this picture, but the photo place cut off more than half of what was there.

People will just have to guess at what she looks like! Not much I could do about it at this point and with 30 copies of that picture printed. I would have if they'd cut off one of the kids, but well, the cats are much loved, but are not the focus.

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