Thursday, December 27, 2007

Attack of the Nose

We all made it through Christmas healthy. Yay! However, I woke up this morning with a disturbing tingle in the back of my throat. And a nose that won't stop. I've been trailing kleenex all day. And now my upper lip is raw. boo hoo. I hope it goes away as quickly as it came - and that no one else in the family comes down with it.

I had high hopes of getting all the Christmas wrapping stuff picked up and put away today. But that was before the attack of the nose. I did manage to take down the wrapping table and scoop ribbons and bows back into their box, but that was about it. Maybe tomorrow...

M is hoping that someone will comment on his post. He asked yesterday if I'd had any comments. Of course, he also told me I wasn't supposed to read it. But, evidently everyone else is allowed and supposed to read it. Go figure.



Blogger Carol P. said...

Ugh, hope you're feeling better soon. I hate nose attacks; they just seem to make everything so, well, drippy and blah and yucky.

I tried to comment on M's post earlier today, but blogger swallowed it. Blogger also swallowed a comment attempt on my little sister's blog, so I figured it was a sign that I should give it up for the morning.

But W00t! I was able to comment on M's post this time, and it actually published!

1:00 AM  

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