Friday, December 28, 2007

The Wii from a Mom's perspective

I'm enjoying the Wii, I must say. More than I thought I might. I haven't even played anything other than the Wii sports that comes with it. M boasts that he is a good bowler, but I'm better (HA!). I'm sure that he will get better than me with more practice, though. I bowl FAR better with a remote than in real life (even with bumpers).

There's also a Wii fitness, where they compute your fitness age based on strength, agility and balance (I think). M and A were a bit dismayed to get initial fitness ages in the 70s. And even more dismayed when mine was a 34. 20 seems to be the best. It's probably a good thing you can only test your fitness once a day as my arm was a bit sore after playing tennis, bowling and baseball. On the bowling, you keep going until you mess up a certain number of times.

I also like the Wii better than other video games because it doesn't lend itself to couch potatoes. You really need to be standing and swinging the remote around to play. So I don't feel quite so bad that the kids have been spending hours down in the basement playing. I've already told them that limits are coming, but for the first few days, its fairly unlimited playing time.



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