Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Belated Happy Birthday to A!

I tried to post last night, wishing A a Happy 9th Birthday, but the computer wasn't cooperating. Rather than fuss with it, I relaxed and celebrated.

I had made cupcakes for A's class. Evidently his teacher asked A that morning, "did your mom make homemade cupcakes - hers are sooo good". She was M's 3rd grade teacher also, so she's had them before. Makes me feel good to know that she remembers and appreciates my goodies. Last year the school made a big deal about no homemade goodies (in fact, they initially insisted on everything being individually wrapped - the kindergarten parents had a fit about indiv wrapped snacks meaning they couldn't send in a bag of pretzels or goldfish). This year, no word was sent out and I had checked with one of the TA's who monitor the lunchroom. So, homemade it was.

There was a PTA meeting scheduled for that night, so no homework (only the spelling/vocabulary contract), so an easy night for A.

A chose to go out for Italian food, so we arranged to meet D there on his way home from work. The food was delicious as always. The kids noticed that we had sat at that very same table before. They have a birthday special (up to $10 off on your birthday) and they took off the full $10, even though A ordered off the kid's menu - jr size lasagna. It was enough that he brought some home. M ordered veal parmesan, and was surprised at how HUGE it was - twice the portion size that I make, plus a decent size portion of spaghetti and meat sauce. M didn't want his salad, but A enjoyed it.

Then we came home for presents and cake. Presents first, as we were all quite full. A was most excited at the Zelda game for his DS. He was also quite happy at money towards an iPod (he is still deciding which one he wants to get (ie how much money he is going to put towards one, as we are putting the cost of a refurbished shuffle)). Then we played Blokus. It was a lot of fun. I had heard good reviews and had considered it for Christmas, but we had gotten enough stuff for him then. I'm looking forward to playing it again.

We finally had cake - very small slices, as we were all still fairly full.

All-in-all a very satisfactory birthday!


Blogger Carol P. said...

Happy Birthday A!

You're lucky you can send homemade stuff. We can't send anything sweet, and it all has to be store bought...

11:19 PM  
Blogger Scribbit said...

Well happy birthday to A--and I would have loved some Italian food, it's my very favorite :)

1:07 AM  
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