Sunday, January 27, 2008

The most use my cell phone has ever gotten..

5 calls today!

Background - Evidently M was feeling a little under the weather at church today, but didn't tell me. Then he went off to lunch and bowling with the youth group.

Phone call #1 - M was feeling hot and very thirsty when they got to the restaurant, but now that his food had arrived, was feeling better. We discussed picking him up, he said no. I told the leader to let me know if he needed picking up.

call #2 - M still not feeling great, but doesn't want me to pick him up - wants to know if he can spend extra money on video games.

call #3 - They're finishing up early, can we come pick M up 30 min earlier?

I leave for a funeral with my mom - on the other side of town.

call #4 - call D to tell him we're leaving the church and will be home in an hour.

call #5 - D can't find hotdogs in fridge (leftovers from the church luncheon today).

I got home, M feels warm. I didn't take his temperature, but to my momsense, I would guess he was 99.5-100. He was droopy and hadn't eaten. I fixed him some scrambled eggs. He fell asleep on the sofa before 8.

School is looking iffy for tomorrow - it's going to be interesting trying to get my grocery shopping done and cupcakes made and frosted tomorrow.



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