Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Party in Progress

I can't tell from the sounds coming up from the basement if they're having fun or conflict. The latter, I'm afraid, but no one has come up to complain. My guess is that at least part is caused by M's presence.

Ah, D's back with the pizza! That will break whatever cycle they are in. He reports that all seemed well with the kids. I might have checked (or might not), but I used the cat in my lap as an excuse not to.

Pizza went well - only one kid left anything more than crust on their plate. And some kids ate their crusts.

After dinner they went back down to play on the Wii. Unfortunately A was playing Lego Star Wars which is a one-player game. It claims a second person can help, but we've never managed that. It was evidently so engrossing that they didn't want to come up for cake - or maybe they were too full of pizza?

We had to have a chat with A about including everyone. So far they have had a bowling tournament and played tennis, at least. Luckily we were able to borrow 2 more controllers for the Wii so everyone has one and they don't have to switch around.

Oh, and now I hear a boxing tournament going on...

Here's a photo of A bowling...
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I thought I'd gotten some photos of A blowing out the candles, but now I can't find them on the camera. Huh.

A had 3 friends for his party, but now he is down to one. One kid couldn't stay - his parents said he was getting over a cold and he needed his sleep. Another way planning on staying, but when he heard kid one was leaving, his stomach suddenly started hurting. That leaves just one - whose mom said he wasn't sure about staying if he didn't know the other kids. But since its just S and A now, I think he's staying. Which is good - I'd hate for A to have no one sleep over at a sleepover!

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