Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ice Sakting, at last

We finally made it ice skating today. Much nicer day than Wed when we tried before. Today, a balmy 50 or so, Wed, a bitterly cold below freezing.

A started off holding on to the wall for dear life:

M, meanwhile, was looking in good form.

By now, A is starting to let go of the wall and trust himself. This is the only picture I could manage to get with both kids in it and not a lot of other people.

A is having a good time - and the wall is nowhere near!
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M got a picture of me. It took 2 tries as someone skated in front of me the first time.

At one point, they cleared everyone off the ice to work on the ice. Unfortunately, they didn't use the zamboni. Instead they had about 5 people out there with snow shovels, shoveling up the ice shavings.
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It was fun, even if M did whack me on the shin with the back of his skate blade (he was trying to skate with me and we got out of sync - instead of letting go, somehow I got sliced).

A still does a bit more "walking" on skates than gliding, but he was staying upright (for the most part) and having fun.

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