Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Slipper Problem

Both kids got new slippers for Christmas. Moccasin type, not the cartoon creatures they usually have. In M's case, adult slippers were the only option. Do you know how hard it is to find slippers in a men's 6? I checked several stores that were puzzled by my request. They seemed to carry slippers in boys up to about a 4 and then started again at about a men's 8. I realize kids feet grow quickly in that time span, but do they really think they all whiz through those sizes in summer?? M clearly is not.

So, M has some very nice brown fuzzy moc slippers with tread bottoms. That seems to be the problem - the tread or the non-characteryness of the slippers leads him to forget he has on slippers. Last week he wore his slippers to the eye dr, RadioShack and Target (all one trip). Not too big a deal.

Today, however, he forgot he was wearing his slippers when we were heading into town to go ice skating. The slippers, though, weren't the problem - the lack of socks was. big problem. We had gotten to within a couple of blocks of the ice rink when M discovered the slippers and lack of socks. We had to turn around and come back home. No socks, no skating.

We did not go back out to go skating. For which M was terribly disappointed. Falling down disappointed. Trying to bribe me disappointed. $10. Might have been tempting, but it was the principle. And the COLD. It never broke freezing here today and there were 15-20 mile winds. BRRRR. I told the kids we would try again, perhaps this weekend when it is supposed to be low 50's.

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Blogger Carol P. said...

I can totally sympathise with M. I had to search high and low for slippers that didn't have an "indoor-outdoor" sole. Because I found myself wearing ones that had such a bottom at the bus stop and to pick up Girl Scouts. Very fashionable, eh? Plus, it defeats the purpose of slippers in the house and shoes outside to keep from tracking mud all around.

I usually wear socks with my slippers though, so we could've still gone ice skating...

11:49 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

I thought the indoor-outdoor sole was fine as the kids do wear slippers to go get the paper (and was glad to find ANY slippers to fit M). For me, I have lovely LL Bean sheepskin type slippers. I wore them to the bus stop this morning (but I was driving, so no mess and no one saw them).

11:03 AM  
Blogger Carol P. said...

I think I have the same slippers! I live in them in the house, but am careful not to wear them outside That is, except down into the garage when I go get something from the freezer. I just pretend that doesn't count...

12:53 AM  

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