Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where the ark?

We've had 4.4 inches of rain since 10 pm last night - and there's a 90% chance of more rain tonight.  Probably significant rain still.  I know we need the rain, but it would really do better not to have it all at once.

The cats have not been happy today.  Pounce, who usually takes the opportunity to go out any time we open the door, would look out and then wander off to go lie in front of a window.

Yep, here comes the rain again.  I think it will be off and on all night.  Thanks Fay. - that bit was another 0.4 inches.  Up to almost 5 inches in just under 24 hours.




Blogger Carol P. said...

Well, you keep saying you need the rain.... At least with runoff like this, it should raise the levels of any local reservoirs, right?

But yeah, that much rain in a short time is no fun....

10:28 AM  

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