Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to a normal evening routine

Now that the Olympics are over, our evenings are back to a more normal routine.  I think I read more tonight than at least all last week combined, maybe more than the whole time of the Olympics.  I don't know how I would get anything done if I watched several hours of TV every evening!

A is still having a bit of trouble with the routine of what to bring home from school.  He has only forgotten homework once, but has forgotten his folder or his agenda several times.  Tonight it was his agenda again.  The teacher says I can write a note, but tonight I made A write the note and then I signed it.  I seem to remember M had a similar problem at one point, where I threatened to put a big note in his backpack of what he needed to bring home.  Maybe I should suggest that to A?...  It might work or he might be horrified enough at the thought to figure it out on his own.  I suppose I shouldn't really care since it isn't really inconveniencing me, but it may.  He's currently working on a book report, but he can't finish it up because he turned the book in last week - and then couldn't check it back out because he forgot to take in his current book.  He did some of the report, but its rather hard to get quotes when you don't have the book in hand!

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Blogger Carol P. said...

I always try to remind myself that what they're learning in school isn't really about facts and figures and how to analyze a book for a book report.

It's learning to show up with the right things and the right tools at the right time. How to deal with consequences of forgetting to bring something from home or something from school. It's learning that one can face these consequences without dying of embarrassment, but that there are conseequences. That it's not just the doing but also the turning in that matters.

It's also learning how to be bored and cope without disrupting people around us. How to keep snarky thoughts to ourselves(OK, I'm still working on this one...) How to wait our turn and when to line-jump.

Or maybe I missed the biggest lesson of all, how to avoid all of these things as a grownup?

We've got one more week 'til school starts here, and I am counting the minutes....

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