Friday, June 19, 2009

Heat and Swim meets

It's been hot, hot, hot here.  85 by 10 am and it just got hotter.  I think the high was 94 today and it is still 77 at 11 pm.  It's going to be even hotter tomorrow - 97 or 98 is the prediction.  That is just way too hot for mid June.

I think it was somewhere in the low 90s last night too - and of course we were out in the heat at a swim meet.  Otherwise known as an event where the kids swim a bit and generally stay cool and the adults sweat... a LOT - or at least last night we did.  I know I drank at least 3 16 oz bottles of water and probably more like 4 1/2.  

It was a good meet last night though, even though our team lost (even though we beat a team that beat them - just depends on which of your swimmers show up each night, often).  A's strokes are looking better.  I didn't see any problems with his breast stroke and his freestyle looked much better (just a little like slow motion).  I peeked at the results after the meet and it looked like A finally will get some best time ribbons.  I think that getting the strokes technically correct is the first step to getting faster.  A had 2 sessions this week with an older swimmer to work on his strokes and I think it is paying off.  He was massively unhappy about the lessons, though, because he thought kids were going to make fun of him for needing/getting help.  I think the only person who would (did) was M - unfortunately.  We had to have a chat with M about that.  

M also got some more best times, despite missing practice all week for robotics camp.  He really could use the practice to work on stamina though - his strokes look really nice, but (except for breast stroke) he is clearly loosing steam on the second lap - he'll keep up or ahead of another kid on the first lap and then slowly fall behind after the turn.

We have another week of practice next week (and both kids should manage to make practice all week - amazing!), so we'll see what that brings...

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