Friday, January 08, 2010

More ice than snow

I woke up this morning to the sound of D telling the kids that, yes, in fact, school was cancelled - in spite of the fact that there was only about 1/4 inch of snow. There was barely any snow on the yard where I had raked and none on our driveway and nothing that we could see or feel on the road in front of the house. However, no school due to "icy conditions". We thought it a bit silly.

Later in the morning, we walked down to a friends house to look at the ice on the lake. Not so much ice as yesterday, she said, but still quite a bit for our area. We amused ourselves for a while throwing sticks and rocks out onto the ice to see if we could break it. Mostly not. We did crack some right near the edge and see that it was only 1/2 inch or so thick. Lots of warnings to the kids about not going out on the ice! There was some ice in an old rowboat on shore that got up to about 2" thick - its been plenty cold here.

On our walk we did find several patches of ice on the roads, even after noon when we were walking back home. And the radio kept announcing icy patches and accidents all over the metro area, so I suppose it really was a good idea that school was cancelled. D's poker night was cancelled too, as the roads were still bad near the host's house.

Since it never broke freezing (I think we hit a high of 26), a reasonable amount of the snow is still around, and I'm afraid that there will still be icy patches on the road tomorrow. I guess I'll hear tomorrow since D and M have to head out early for magnet interviews and testing in the morning.

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Always a letdown, eh?

I was up on Mt. Hood with J's GS troop (girls range in age from 6th to 12th grade) and we saw no snow. We didn't go up to the actual mountain because it was raining up there -- we heard snow level was 8-9K feet, so above the ski lifts at Timberline. The girls had planned to go tubing at about 4k feet, so in the rain and with a severely diminishing snow base (29" mid mountain before the rain arrived). Y.U.C.K so the girls opted to just hang out and chill...

7:47 PM  
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