Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Spring flowers

Remember those snapdragons I told you were going to bloom again. Well, here they are finally blooming.

They were budding in Feb. I can't believe it took them almost 2 months to go from bud to bloom. I guess all our crazy weather where it went from cold to warm to cold to warm, etc really confused them.

Here is my glorious rosebush (er, rose jungle, perhaps?).

It seems to thrive on neglect. About the only thing I do to it, is trim the canes when they threaten to (or more likely after they) snag us. I think I did water it ocassionally when we were in the worst of the drought.

This is the lovely cherry tree in my mom's backyard. You can see it from her kitchen window, from her breakfast table and from her sunroom. Truly lovely.

It does have the annoying habit of dropping petals all over her deck, meaning that she needs to sweep/blow the deck daily for a few weeks, but she says its worth it for the lovely view.


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