Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We finally picked out Tile!

I've fixed the link to the tile now.

D and I went out today shopping for tile for the kitchen backsplash. We've only been staring at unfinished walls for 9 months or so... Anyway, we found what we wanted, but didn't have measurements with us and they need to restock anyway - so we didn't buy it today. We found a picture here. It is the Cam136, Bluestone, the one on the top left. In person, it looks a little bluer than this with sort of a brown wash. We saw another one we also liked, but it had perhaps too much texture - it looks like it would be hard to keep clean behind the stove. The one we picked has some texture, but its smoother.
Now we just need to measure the space, call an installer, go buy the tile and have it installed. Picking out the tile is a BIG first step, but unfortunately only the 1st step of several.


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