Monday, April 03, 2006

M's party

Today was the day. M's birthday party with his friends. It's going well. The party was to start at 5:30 and all the kids arrived between 5 and 6:30. I should remember to insist on talking to the mom when I invite kids over. The last kid, I talked to dad when I gave the time, and he forgot the time and didn't write it down. So, about 6, I called the mom and she dropped off E around 6:30.
Meanwhile D was off picking up pizza for dinner. It took him a while and I wondered why (I assumed the traffic was bad) - come to find out that he got up to pick up the pizza only to find out that they had just given our order to a Mexican guy.

girl at the counter: but he (Mexican guy) said the order was fine
manager: he didn't speak English

Long come short was they had to make us 3 new pizzas and we got an extra pepperoni out of the deal too (the Mexican's order had included 2 pepperoni, we only wanted one). So, we have almost 2 full medium pizzas in the fridge - sounds like lunch.
They played hide and seek before dinner, capture the flag after dinner til dark.

Then we had presents - gift cards are the big rage at 10, evidently. I had to take several shots to get one where you could see any of M's face. M got 3 gifts cards and one set of Yu-gi-oh cards. Then M blew out candles on his brownie.

But they were the magic relighting candles, so he blew and blew and blew. Here M's friend R is helping him blow out the candles.

We decided to do brownie sundaes instead of cake and ice cream. I'm a little caked out currently. We had most of 2 cakes leftover from the Scout's Blue and Gold Banquet. We finished most of them, but I tossed the last bit today. Plus, we have a few slices left from M's birthday. The sundaes seemed to be a hit. We had vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, mini M&M's, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and whipped cream. They were very yummy. And different from cake.
Then after dinner, they played with the Yu-gi-oh cards.

2 kids called their parents wanting to have their cards brought (I didn't know this was why they wanted to call or I probably would have discouraged it), but no parents came. Several kids hovered around the computer to play Harry Potter Quidditch. Then they played chess - 2 games going on at once.

Then they played LIFE. Finally around 10:45, I shoed them downstairs to start watching their movie, Sky High - something about Superhero school? A went to bed at this point. As I type, I can hear them well, because a cat escaped into the basement when I went down and I didn't feel like chasing across and around kids to catch a cat. I wonder how long they'll be up tonight??

Next day now

We went to bed around 12-12:30 and they were still watching their movie. I found out this morning that they raided the fridge for more pizza around 1am.

M: Can you leave the pizza out for us?
me: No, it will spoil or the cats will get into it.
me: But you can have more if you want it.
M and friends: Yeah!

Then I woke up around 2:45am and heard the movie still on. I went downstairs to find the kids all asleep, so I turned it off. M claims that they had more pizza at 3:30, but I doubt it. Between all of them they had almost another medium pizza.
This morning, D was up before 7, and I was up around 7:45. I went down to try to wake up kids at 8:45 - one mom said she would be there at 9. He didn't get up, but I got him to stir. He still wasn't up when his mom arrived at 9, so she had to go down and roust him. The rest of the moms arrived around 9:30. I dispensed bananas and cereal bars to a few kids - they never got a chance to eat the Eggos I bought.
All in all, a very successful party.


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