Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trip to Target

M and I headed up to Target this afternoon to see about spending his gift cards. He thought he wanted a new game for his gameboy, but he decided that what he really wants is a Nintendo DS, which is a newer, fancier type of gameboy. He has about half the $129 that the DS costs. If he saves ALL his money til then, he should be able to buy the DS around end of July.
While there, we ran into M's friend, E, who was there to buy M's birthday present (he was the one who arrived late yesterday). So, they bought the gift and gave it to M then. I also got M the new Harry Potter video that I had promised him for his birthday - I had tried to get it for his birthday, but one store was out, and I ran out of time, so I had given him an IOU.
Then, as we were leaving, we ran into another friend and his grandfather. Target was obviously a popular place today.


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