Saturday, May 27, 2006

Awards Day

Well, awards day was Wed, but things get busy here at the end of the year... Awards day was not particularly photogenic as the had the kids up and down too quickly. A's teacher just had each kid come up and receive their portfolio of work and the awards were not mentioned. But, I will mention them because I think he should be recognized.

A received:
a free ticket to six flags (for reading)
a certificate recognizing completing six months of Book It (reading program)
Perfect Attendance certificate
he also had the most AR points (18) in his class - though there was no certificate for that.

M's teacher gave out awards in categories and had each kid come up at each point, so it took longer (but not unreasonably long - the whole thing was about 30 minutes) and some kids went up multiple times.

M received awards for:
making good choices in PE
a free ticket to Six Flags (for reading)
a certificate and pin for making all A's all year
best class reader certificate (class voted one award per child)
and certificate, ribbon and $10 gift card to a local bookstore for having the most AR points (401)
M also completed 6 months of Book It, but no certificate

As you can see, I have kids who like to read. M had, I believe, the most AR points in the school, though I'm not sure of it. I do know he had more than any kid in 5th grade. The highest 5th grader had 342 points (I saw part of the 5th grade celebration).


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