Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day

We've never celebrated Mother's Day much in my family, but like most all mothers I enjoy the gifts the kids make at school. It's hard to believe I only have one more year of that from M. I don't imagine that middle school has the kids making Mother's Day gifts.

A filled in a sheet for me:
My mom is special because she kisses me a lot.
I like it when my Mom hugs me.
My Mom can do many things. I think she's best at cooking.
My Mom has such a pretty smile. I like to make her smile by kissing her.
My Mom is as pretty as a butterfly.
My Mom is smart. She even knows how to bake cakes.

Aww. It definitely makes me feel special.

M made me a nice page too, with a lovely drawing of a rose. He learned how to draw roses in art class this year and is quite good at it.

Then I also got the plants that the kids planted and painted the pots for at the Scout campout. A brought me a plant from school too and M made me a pot with lid in art class. All neat stuff.

I hope my readers had a Happy Mother's Day also.


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