Monday, May 22, 2006


Saturday evening was our annual Cub Scout crossover, where the boys cross from one rank to the next. We spent the last few meetings trying to get everyone finished up with their Tiger badge and practicing the Cub Scout Law and Promise for the Bobcat badge. We managed to get everyone their Tiger badge and 3 out of the 6 learned everything for the Bobcat. We'll be doing Bobcat again next year, because we're sure to get some new kids.
First they did the crossing over:

There were 2 Boy Scouts dressed as Indians to guide the crossover. The Indians quizzed the Webelos II Scouts more, but just asked the younger kids if they were ready to cross to the next rank.
Yes! they all replied.
Here are several of my Tigers waiting for their turn.

Then they handed out awards. M got a ton of awards. He thought the coolest one was a gold pin for participating in at least 3 summertime events. D is going to check M's book when we get it back (the leader still has it) to make sure he actually earned all the awards he got - we're not sure about one in particular.

Then it was time for the Bobcat ceremony at the end. The deal is that you can't wear your Bobcat badge right-side up until you have done a good deed, without being told. They don't want to pin a badge on upside down, so they turn the kid upside down and put the badge on.

We've been told that BSA doesn't want them to turn the boys upside down as seemingly in some places it has bordered on hazing. Our kids, however, all think this is really cool and had a good time with it. I'll have to be watching A for his good deed so I can go ahead and sew on the badge (its on with a safety pin until then).


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