Sunday, May 14, 2006

a new roof

We just got a new roof put on the house - Thursday and Friday. I never realized how NOISY roofers are! The cats were scared to death. They were both in when the roofers showed up Thur afternoon and neither would dare venture outside. On Friday, Miss P was inside and stubbornly stayed in (D couldn't even find her to put her out once the roofers had gone and we were all leaving). And S was outside and we couldn't attract him to come in and eat - even after the roofers left.
We had thought that the new roof would be a bit lighter than the old, but it seems very similar - maybe a tiny bit lighter, but not so you'd notice. This is the old roof:

And then here is the new one.

I guess it is a bit lighter when you see them together, but friends can't tell. This isn't a good photo to tell, anyway.
I thought it was interesting that they used big sheets of foam to kneel on and to keep things from sliding off.
The roofers had estimated that they would be done by 3, but at 2:30 I could still see the sky through the roof where the ridge vent would go, so I knew they wouldn't be done in half an hour.

And sure enough, they didn't finish until about 6. They should be calling in a few days to set up an appointment for a week or two to check over the roof and see if it all looks good. In the meantime, I've told the kids I'll pay them 10 cents for each roofing nail they can find. They cleaned up the driveway and deck nicely, and they used some sort of magnet to pick up nails in the yard, but I'm sure there are nails in the yard and shrubs.


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