Monday, May 15, 2006

Cub Scout campout

otherwise known as the fishing and bamboo pole outing. Our leader had planned all sorts of activities for the weekend, but for the most part the kids wanted to fish, or play with some big bamboo pieces they found, or poke at the fire. I wasn't so happy with them playing in the fire, but the fishing was fine - kept them happy and busy - what more could you want?

A and a friend with their bamboo poles.

M and D are conferring about which type of lure to use for fishing.

We had hot dogs over the campfire on Friday night and people straggled in and set up tents.
Saturday, the kids painted flower pots for the moms for Mother's Day.

A with flower pot (and requisite bamboo pole).

Not as many people showed up as we had anticipated (though no one ever asked for a head count), so there were plenty of supplies. So many that many of the parents painted pots too. I painted a Braves pot for my mom - she doesn't really want to celebrate mother's day, but always likes homemade things (and anything Braves), so I figured it was an appropriate way to say I love you Mama!

Then the kids worked on their Raingutter Regatta boats. It's a similar idea to the Pinewood Derby, but its quicker to make them and since they do all the work right there, its all what the boy can do and not how much fancy equipment dad has. They sand the balsa boat and paint the boat and/or sail if they want and glue in a rudder and keel. Then they blow the boat down a 10 foot long closed-in piece of gutter, racing against another boat. The kids had a good time making and racing the boats.
M with his boat.

And M "sailing" his boat.

Now, of course, here's A with his boat:

and A "sailing" his boat

Other than that, there was some playing in the sand and some more fishing, and a game of dodge ball and some dodging of raindrops.

We had some varying sleeping arrangements. M didn't want to sleep in our tent, so we set up the small tent for him. Some of the parents seemed surprised that he would be willing to sleep in a tent by himself, but he did fine. D had signed up to walk from 4-5 am Sat for the "Relay for Life", so he left sometime after 3 am to go walk, then when he finished (closer to 7am than 5 because his replacement walker didn't show), he returned to the house to feed cats, shower and grab a bit more sleep. Then Sat night I went to a memorial service for my aunt (well, actually my 2nd cousin once removed - her grandmother and my great-grandmother were sisters) with my mom. We didn't end up getting back until after 11pm, so I stayed at the house instead of trying to go back to the campout. I'm glad I went, it was really good to see family and I got to meet my cousin's kids, whom I'd never met before.


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