Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You know your kid is sick when...

he takes a nap - especially a 3 hour long nap! M didn't feel so well yesterday (and neither did I).

me: M, time to do your homework
M: But I don't feel good - my throat hurts and my tummy. My head hurts too.
me: Well, either do your homework or go climb into bed.
M: OK (as he goes to climb in bed)

I covered him up and brought him a cat. I didn't really expect him to sleep, but he did - for almost 3 hours. Then the next way to tell he really wasn't feeling well - he ate 1/3 of a banana for dinner and nothing else.

He woke up this morning and still didn't feel well, so we snuggled in bed for a while. He still hasn't eaten much - the rest of the banana, 2 eggs, scrambled, a cereal bar, a small dish of ice cream and half a serving of jello. Normally he would eat that much in one meal, but this has been spread out over the whole day.

We're both still somewhat lacking in energy. I hope we both feel better tomorrow!


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