Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sleeping or Not

Things have been rather slow around here. I don't like the fact that illnesses seem to hang on longer than they used to. M and I seemed to have the same virus, but he was sick for 2 days and I was sick for 4. No fair! However, we all seem to be on the mend now and A and D never seemed to get it, so that's good.
In fact, M had a sleepover with a friend last night, only sleepover seems to imply that there was actually sleep going on - which M claims there was not in his case. He is currently "resting" because he was getting a bit grouchy. Actually I just checked and he is truly sleeping. Good. He needed it. We have plans for tonight - its Crossover for the Scouts.
A spent the night with a friend also, they evidently did sleep - outside in a tent in the friend's backyard.
Meanwhile D and I went to his school's awards banquet. It was a nice meal and I like having adult conversation, but it went on and on and on. We left home about 5:15, got there about 6:30, they served dinner around 7 and the awards weren't done until 10:30. It was quarter to 12 by the time we got home. I'm not sure what they could/should cut, but maybe they should start earlier so that we old folks can get to bed sooner... One teacher suggested doing it as a progressive dinner - appetizers then some awards, salad, some more awards, etc. It's a thought.... but not mine to do anything about.


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