Thursday, June 01, 2006

Swim Team Practice

Swim Team practice finally started this week. The water is actually warm enough to feel good too, amazingly enough.
A is still working on trying to keep his body horizontal in the water as you can see here. He was doing a bit better at the end of last year, but its been a long time since August (less time, but still a while since swim lessons in December).

I didn't manage to catch M swimming, but they did tread water for a while. M is the one center front, blowing bubbles. M loves to tread. Last year he won an award for best treader in the 10 and under set.

The kids will miss practice next week when they have Cub Scout day camp, so I worked with them for a few minutes at the pool this afternoon. Both worked on their freestyle kicks and M worked on rotary (side) breathing. Tonight D and I were discussing A's stroke and thinking that it might be easier to work on side breathing with him also - rather than just trying to decrease the amount of time he pops his head up to breathe. We'll see...


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