Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Birthday D!

Yep, its D's birthday today. He had decided he wanted to go to Henderson's, a catfish restaurant in the next town. We took his parents and my mom there a year or so ago. So, we all piled in the car and headed over there. Oops, no cars there. We asked at the grocery store across the street - "why sugah, they're always closed on Mondays". On to plan B: a Louisiana restaurant that my mom and I went to last fall (and D has heard good reviews of also). Nope, they're closed also. In fact most of the non-chain restaurants seem to be closed - either because its Memorial Day or because (in the case of BBQ places and other local establishments) they are always closed on Monday. So the choice came down to chain places - Outback or Cracker Barrel. He chose Outback. We had a very nice dinner there - D had prime rib (not something served at home). And they celebrated (tried to embarass him) with a birthday song and ice cream.
Then we headed over to Bruster's to pick up his ice cream pie. We had one at a party on Friday night and it was quite tasty - chocolate raspberry. So tasty that D ordered one for his birthday. Somehow he wasn't in a big cake mood. I don't mind as then I didn't heat up the house more with baking said cake.

Here we all are helping/watching D open presents.
After we got home, D opened his presents. I wasn't too with it as I had neglected to take the kids shopping to buy D anything and had not gotten him much myself. But he proclaims himself feeling loved anyway. And we promised a return visit to Henderson's some night when it is open.

We only managed to eat a fraction of the cake since we were all so full from dinner (and as it was, D, A and I all brought some of our dinner home). M ate all of his (except for the places on his grilled cheese sandwich that had been touched by a pickle. Horrors).


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