Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why do they call them Easter Lilies?

...when they bloom in late May? Our first Easter lily bloomed a week ago and now they are in full bloom.

At Easter they were just green plants with nary a bloom stalk. Aren't they beautiful now? I love that they spread too. We have many small Easter lilies that aren't blooming this year, but will in future years.

We also have some other lovely lilies. I can't remember if these are Asiatic or Oriental lilies, but we've had them for years and they keep blooming year after year.

The first stand of our daylilies is blooming now also.

Here's a close up of the tiger lily:

We have another section of yellow lilies that should be blooming soon.

In other yard news, D trimmed the hedge in front of the deck. We certainly hope that holly will grow back from a severe pruning...


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