Sunday, May 28, 2006

Swimsuits and Cat Toys

M and I went to Target yesterday to get him a new swimsuit. I can't believe that the swimsuits were already on clearance! It's still May, not even Memorial Day and all their suits were already 50% off. I don't mind a bargain, but its a good thing we didn't wait since there was only one suit M liked - a Yu-gi-oh suit. He's already worn it twice - first yesterday we went to our neighborhood pool (M and D both went in, but I only made it as far as the bottom step - still a bit chilly in the water) and then today he had a church youth group party. A is already asking when he can go to the pool (he went yesterday up in the mountains at camp), so I expect we may be back at the pool tomorrow.
While at Target, I remembered that I had a raincheck for a cool cat toy I'd seen advertised, so M and I went to look at it. Yep, it looked cool, so we got it. M helped me put it together, lots of small diameter PVC pieces. We finally got it all put together:

And almost instantly Miss P came over to check it out. She had been supervising us from the laundry basket. She really likes the little mouse hanging from the crossbar.

Mr S also checked it out, but he mostly lay inside on the ground floor - not nearly so photogenic.
Only problem is that the thing is rather large, 30" x 30". I'm going to have to find somewhere other than the middle of the LR for it.


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