Monday, November 20, 2006

Dental Month

This is evidently dental month around our house. D and I went to the dentist earlier in the month and today M and A went for their cleanings. Unfortunately, it seems that dental month will spill over into December too. I got a referral to go see a periodontist to do some work (some probably very expensive work) on my gums. And then today the dentist found a cavity in one of M's molars.

M is none too pleased about having a cavity. He asked me to help him brush tonight and voluntarily brushed longer - he set his timer for 3 minutes of brushing. We all wished that the cavity was in one of his baby teeth, but no - its in a 6 year molar. It had been sealed, but evidently the sealant has worn off or something. A's molars aren't all in yet - yes, he'll be 8 in January, but one molar hasn't even broken through the gums yet. I look at it as - well, he'll be a better brusher by the time they're all in and maybe he won't get cavities in them as soon.


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