Sunday, May 20, 2007

5th grade field day

Friday was a busy day. M had field day ALL DAY. They played kickball from 8 am til 2 pm, with a bit of a break for lunch and activity period. M's class had PE. I know they need PE more often than once a week, but PE on a day when they are playing 2 games of kickball already, it seems a bit overkill.

I was there much of the day, with a break to take Pounce to the vet (the vet thinks perhaps she tangled with a dog) and get some lunch. I got to see M in both games he played. He complains that he isn't a good fielder, but I saw him get the ball and throw it to 2nd and get someone out. I got to see him score a run also.

The way they played was interesting. They played 2 innings per game, but instead of having 3 outs per inning, the inning lasted until everyone had kicked. So, with 27 players, there were potentially a LOT of runs and/or outs.

In the first game, M's team won 24 to something (in the low teens). By the second game (winners of first 2 games played each other), both teams were playing a bit better. They tied 13-13 for the championship game.

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