Wednesday, May 16, 2007

M's first Court of Honor

Last night was the first Court of Honor that M's Boy Scout troop has had since he joined. Since he was actually being awarded a rank, Scout, which is the first, very basic rank (strikes me as Boy Scout's version of the Bobcat badge), we all went.

M and the other new Scouts, waiting for awards:

D and I went up with M, as they want to award the parent a pin. I now have 3 Scout pins - for M making Scout rank, M's arrow of light and another I got as a den leader. M is jealous - he thinks the pins are way cooler than the patches he gets.

After the Court of Honor, they had an Eagle ceremony. We stayed to watch. It was pretty cool. I pointed out to M that the boy gets a pin for Eagle, as well as the parents. They wouldn't normally have an Eagle ceremony with the Court of Honor, but evidently they had been having a hard time scheduling the Eagle ceremony - the 2 boys earned their Eagles in December and January.



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