Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another pair of new glasses for M

M got new glasses last month. We went back after a few days for adjustment, as I expected. But then we had to go back again after about a week. And maybe again. At one point the technician said that if the glasses needed yet another adjustment within the next 2 weeks, they would replace the glasses. Guess what - within one week, they were out of whack again. Each time it was that the temple pieces got bent out of shape. We think its that that pair was the first pair that didn't have spring hinges.

So last week, when they adjusted them yet again, they brought out the tray of glasses and told M to pick a new set of frames. My only restriction was that they must have spring hinges. We picked them up yesterday. These are a bit different looking from his previous pairs - they are silver, rather than a tortoise-shell look.

M being very silly, but also a good close-up of his new glasses.

I was very pleased that they replaced them at no charge. And that he could pick out any (of the special offer) new frames. I was worried that he would have to find a new pair of frames that would fit the old lenses - which might have been difficult. So far M is happy with these.