Monday, May 21, 2007

Pool party

We went to a party hosted by one of D's co-workers on Sat evening. They had a pool and so the kids were all excited.

The weather was a bit cool, so D and I didn't think we would be going in, but the pool was heated. So we did end up going in for a bit (thanks also to bugging from certain kids).

The party reiterated to me just how important it is to have the kids in swim team and previously in swimming lessons. I was watching the pool off and on, but not completely, since I know that M and A are both good swimmers. At one point, I hear one of the other kids hollering "Daddy, Daddy". At first I thought he was just looking for his dad's attention, but then I noticed that he was flailing around and had lost his pool noodle. So I went over and grabbed him. He was less than a foot from the edge of the pool, yet didn't/wouldn't/couldn't grab the side to help himself. This kid is a year younger than A, but couldn't swim and had no safety (other than a pool noodle - which he obviously lost somehow). When A was still a non-swimmer, either he was wearing a life jacket or one of us was right there in the water working with him one-on-one.

This is partly why the kids continue on swim team. I know that if you don't continue to be swimming, you can lose those skills. I've talked to several people about swim team recently and several have said, "oh, my kid doesn't really want to do that" or "he's not sure about that". My answer: my kids didn't get to choose whether to take swim lessons, they don't really get a choice on swim team at this point either. Luckily, even though both kids thought they wouldn't like it, they both do. They may not like every moment of it, but overall its fun and its great for their swimming skills. I tell parents to have the kids try it for a week, at least. Swimming is a life skill.

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