Thursday, August 21, 2008

My latest projects

I had hoped to work on some hand quilting during the Olympics, but so far it isn't happening.  I have a Bargello top that I was planning on working on, but when I got it out, I realized that I hadn't put the borders on yet.  So, off to find a border.  I did finally get the inner border attached, but then when I was trying to lay it out for the outer border, I had a bit too much help from Shadow.
Now, I'm trying to figure out the backing, since once I cut the borders the width I want, its wider than the backing fabric, so I will need to piece the backing.  Silly me, though, I don't want to just sew 2 pieces together.  No, I feel the need to do something fancier.  Thus the backing is not done yet.

Meanwhile, I have been working on another project.  I had a bunch of animal prints leftover from my bag project and I wanted to make a lap quilt with them.  But just stripes didn't appeal.  So I played around with ideas and came up with this:
This is all the squares on the wall, not in the order they will end up.  I did most of the sewing in the afternoon, then did the ironing and trimming on the dining room table while watching the Olympics.

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