Saturday, June 27, 2009

County Meet

It's the end of the swim team season for another year.  This season seems like it has flown by!  I know that part of that is that they didn't practice the last week of school (they usually do) and then that both kids missed practice for a week during robotics camp.  Then there was also the fact that the pool has been closed for most of this week due to some sort of pump problem.  So, really the season was shorter and there was a lot less practice, especially for M.  I counted up and realized that M only went to 5 days of practice this year.  So much for swim team being good exercise for him...

This year D and I wised up and split up with the kids for the county meet.  I went with A in the morning and then D came with M in the afternoon.  Made for a much more reasonable day.  A complained that we were there sooo long, but really, from the time we got there for warm-ups until we passed the cooler and chairs to D and M, it was just under 4 hours.  D and M were there for about another 4 hours in the afternoon.  4 hours is much better than 8 hours (or the roughly 11 hours we were there 2 years ago! - due to computer issues and such).  I missed being able to see M swim, but it was worth it not to have to stick around for so long.  Luckily next year, both kids will be swimming in the same session (and will be attending the same practice), so it will be less time consuming all around.

No pictures as the bigger pool and being indoor was not conducive to photos.  I know A got a best time in his breast stroke.  No clue about anything else.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow at the end of season party.



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