Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taking Advantage of some cooler weather

We're having some lovely cool nights this week (and somewhat cooler days, only low 90s not mid to upper 90s).  So, with the lovely new attic fan, we've been cooling the house down quite nicely.  This morning the house was nice and cool at 68 degrees!

So, while the outdoors was a cool 67 (but rising) I decided to get cracking.  First up was blackberry picking at the elementary school.  My mom and I headed over there and picked probably 3 cups each.  Not a lot, but they are good - and the big ones are still ripening, so we should be able to pick a few more times still.

Then it was home for breakfast and since it was still relatively cool, I mowed the front lawn.  Meanwhile D had attacked the back yard with round-up.  Again.  We've let our back yard turn into somewhat of a jungle, helped by all the rain we've gotten this spring.  It is time to take it back.  Due to generous helpings of poison ivy mixed in, we have to take it a bit slow - and much of the vegetation requires 2 sprayings of round-up.  But already we can see a bit more ground and we have a wide path to the wood pile again.

It's supposed to be cool again tonight, getting down to 65 they say.  We've already had the attic fan on for almost 3 hours and the house is delightfully cool.  And, the house stayed pleasant today without needing the AC.  Yay!



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